• On average, temporary tattoos are produced and shipped within 2-3 business days after purchase.
  • Standard domestic shipping/transit times apply (1-5 business days for USA shipping). Standard shipping is free for all USA shipping addresses and includes tracking via LetterTrackPro. You will receive an email each time your letter is scanned through a USPS distribution center. We mail our temporary tattoos First Class Letter Mail in a regular business size security envelope. Be careful not to toss it out with the junk mail!
  • International shipping may take 1-4 weeks transit time. International shipping rates are $1.50 for First Class Letter Mail. Temporary tattoos will be mailed in a regular business size envelope. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any sort of tracking for First Class Letter Mail internationally. International customers are responsible to pay any VAT or Duties to Customs.
  • Customers will receive an email notifying them of mailing upon the day of shipment. 
image of postal mailbox